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There are plenty of reasons to host an in-person retreat.  From corporate retreats to community engagement retreats all the way to couples retreats – we are here to help make your retreat the most rewarding and memorable experience, perfectly fitting for your group and your budget. From giving your group some bonding time, discussing big changes, solving real challenges or rebuilding wellness capabilities, a retreat is rewarding to the human mind and body in countless ways. We will help you enable your group to feel more cared for, increase productivity and build memorable experiences they will carry with them for years to come.


Planning a retreat takes lots of time, money, experience, network power, and professional facilitators to create the greatest amount of impact. Your retreat consultant should be more than a specialized travel agent. You should consider hiring a professional retreat consultant to get the best results and maximize your investment. 

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Top 6 Reason Why You Should Hire A Retreat Planner

Reason #1: Tons of event, retreat and consulting experience

Our team knows how to build an effective schedule. We know there is no such thing as too long, but just too boring. Balancing the perfect blend of fun activities, workshops, roundtable discussions, expert guest speakers, delicious food, and – most of all – FUN!

Our years of experience allow us to craft a schedule of fun activities balanced with time spent solving your group’s biggest challenges, concerns or goals. There is more to retreat planning than just knowing where the best food and accommodations are, you need to know how to get the desired results and build purpose into your efforts.  We are here to help make that happen.

Reason #2: Save time.

A successful retreat is built on top of countless hours of research. We will help you by taking hours of research off your plate. We will survey your leadership team and participants, find and book all transportation, accommodations, food, activities, top-notch guest speakers, thrilling adventures, cocktail hours and so more.

You are not just hiring someone to help you handle the logistics, you are hiring a team of partners that will ensure the best results.  We will incorporate the delicate details that only come with years of experience.  Your group will leave feeling they have been pampered with white glove service.  We can also be on-site at your events to manage the final details and logistics so you can focus on participation and being present throughout the retreat – you’ve earned it!

Reason #3: Save money.

Years of experience comes with years of contacts and connections to the cost effective tools for every aspect of planning your retreat. By offloading the task of researching and booking an effective retreat you will be saving money right away. We know when and where to save money and will use our masterful skill of negotiating rates with luxury resorts and facilities all while providing an unforgettable experience.

Reason #4: professional facilitator.

We are experts in what we do but we also know that in order to have a successful retreat, you need a great facilitator.  Working with a professional facilitator means that you are able to pick the perfect theme and central topics to focus on. Pulling out the specific needs or topics ahead of the retreat in essential to success. We work with the most talented faciliators who will get you and your group prepared for what will be discussed while on the retreat.

Reason #5: A powerful network of expert speakers and celebrity mentors.

If you’re really ready to bring some wow to your retreat, we can help you bring some of the most highly recognized experts and celebrity speakers.  Picking the right special guest can make all the difference between having a great experience and having a really boring experience. We can even help you add some entertainment with a clean cocktails demo, superfood snacks workshop, adventure activities, cooking demonstrations, live concerts, disco dance parties and more. Not all celebrities, mentors and guest speakers are necessarily a good fit. We will work hand in hand with you and your team to completely understand the needs and hire the right talent who will have the greatest impact.

Reason #6: Fun factor.

We are experts in fun! The love and passion of travel, engagement and bucketlist adventures is our retreat consultants defining factor. We all look forward to these same experiences and know that in many cases these experiences are the highlights that define a year. We are motivated to provide the best retreat experiences for our clients. We will create a compelling retreat that meets our client’s needs and exceed expectations. We will connect you to travel and entertainment in ways never thought possible.

Stay safe with confidence

We take the health and safety of our guests, retreat teams and venues very seriously. We have re-written our safety policies to be in line with coronavirus guidelines so that you can feel rest assured you are safe when on retreat with us.

<> Updated and thorough health and safety measures so that when you come on retreat with us you feel safe
<> All of our retreats teams have the most up to date training in health and safety for a covid safe retreat
<> We will be focusing on extra cleanliness and hygiene on our retreats
<> We are reducing the numbers on our retreats to support social distancing
<> It will still feel like a retreat where you can escape from the real world for a while and relax, regroup and revitalize
<> Convenient COVID pre-testing prior to departure as well as rapid COVID on-site testing are available

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